How To Choose A Hot Air Gun?

Dec. 02, 2017

Hot to choose a durable and good quality Hot Air Gun? If you choose the right one, it will not only increase work efficiency, but also save a lot of cost.

1.Air volume should be uniform and soft, then in working, the device will not be damaged. Temperature should be stable, then the internal original is stable.

2.Outlet is made of stainless steel, stainless steel has the characteristics of high temperature and heat dissipation, which makes the shell of the heat gun not easily deformed at a low temperature. Then Temperature Adjustable Hot Air Gun can be used for a long time in a high intensity working environment. 

3.For the high China Power Tool like heat gun, the power line must be full of 0.75 with copper. It is safer to work for a long time without heating.

4.Heat resistant insulating material as the raw material, long time work will not hot and not deformed.

5.Instructions, certificate, warranty card invoice should be complete, after-sales guarantee.

Temperature Adjustable Hot Air Gun

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